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Hello Lois! Amy Adams back in MI to resume filming #BatmanvSuperman with Henry Cavill. LATEST pics via The Daily Mail http://dailym.ai/1nEPKwf

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"But O were I dead, were I dust, the fall
Of my own love’s footstep would break my rest!”

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regina being fabulous 

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" want to go home and see what’s on netflix…"

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#I’d like to take a moment to just enjoy how she leans in for the kiss #how its totally her idea to kiss him #the promise it holds

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captain swan 4.01 ’ A Tale of Two Sisters’

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captain swan vs the abominable snowman

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Derek + Lydia || Fic Recommendations


Check out our in construction fic rec page… please feel feel to submit any fics you think should be added to the list. 

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#lol. #their faces #love emma and her darn it he’s corned me #and hook’s all stop avoiding me woman #and then she’s sees grumpy and is all saved by the dwarf #long suffering hook

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Chloe + Brett || Instagram

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Anonymous: Hi. I was wondering where you got that picture of Felicity in the new 52 from?

my friend ibelong2olicity got her comic early & shared it with me =D 

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Felicity Smoak in New 52

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my feelings for you were… ARE real.

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#this scene #the light vs the dark #the pain is palpable #save her Emma, fix it.