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Allisaac + working together

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How Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Should Have Ended


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You might have seen it teased a few places around the internet but here’s our official announcement. 

We contacted a few of our favorite artists and they each agreed to create an original piece for us to use on our badges. We gave them each a color scheme and these are the beautiful finished products they sent back to us. We are so excited to share with you all the BiteCon 2014 badge art!

  • Daunt was given the color red and created a beautiful Alpha pass.
  • Jade was given blue and our Beta pass it came out fantastic.
  • Cali had yellow and she did the cutest sleepover Wolf Pack pass.
  • Aidi had purple and created our super cool Volunteer and Staff badges.
  • Kendra was given green and made the most adorable Executive Staff badge art.

It’s so cool to look at them compiled together and see everyone’s different styles and talents. It blows us away!

Thank you again to the artists for their time and efforts creating these art pieces for us! We appreciate it so much!

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Felicity Smoak in “The Man Under the Hood”

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Anonymous: The guy in the sex scenes gif set isn't actually dylan o'brien right?

Part of it is Dylan from the movie the first time and part of it is Shelly from the secret circle. :)

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make me choose: anon asked stalia or scira.
                                  anon asked stalia or fayana.

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I won’t judge. I promise.

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Other romances on the show will be all physical at first, but the difficult thing for them is actually being with each other and not being physical. Those are interesting relationships.

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"Lydia never believed I was one of the good guys anyway."

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Oliver + Felicity ||The Man Under The Hood