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I miss my Rupert!

18 hours ago

Hoechlin || Winning….Tying… & Losing on Wolf Watch

19 hours ago
i’m just afraid I won’t be able to protect you
19 hours ago

Here’s some special #bts footage of gorgeous #shelleyhennig #malia from a promo we did that the show decided not to use.

1 day ago

Tyler Hoechlin on Wolf Watch 2.08 | 2.12


Roman Reigns

1 day ago

day 6: favorite song from the show 

Breathe, breathe with me


2 days ago


Caitriona Balfe being unable to handle Sam Heughan’s adorableness. (x)

2 days ago

Hoechlin being a precious bb on Wolf Watch S2

2 days ago

  • day 5: favorite location || Stiles’ Bedroom (x)
3 days ago

Now is the time to try something new,

4 days ago

"You did it" 

Stalia Week Day Three: Favourite physical contact 

4 days ago

Arrow season 2 Gag Reel [x]

4 days ago


CS + Good night.

\o/ or just some random CS fluffiness.

this is probably the silliest thing I’ve ever drawn bye.